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Prefabricated Homes For Modern lifestyle

With passing time cost of building houses are becoming more and more expensive. For a person with an average income, it is not easy to afford a conventional building. The cost of inputs used to build traditional houses is a way too much. In such times, many people are opting for prefabricated homes. The advantage of prefabricated homes over conventionally built homes is that they are less expensive. Also, they are easily to maintain can takes less time in construction of a fully complete house. There are many types of prefab cabins for modern living.

1.    Modular homes

These homes are built in climate controlled factories in modules or sections. After the construction, they are transferred to the site for the installation. Professionals install these homes, wherever you want it too. Also, they take less time in the construction and installation process. You can quickly get your new homes within weeks while conventional home construction can take up to months. Modular homes are an excellent value for money option for the people with low budget.

2.    Manufactured homes

The manufactured homes come in three sizes in double wide, single wide and triple wide. These homes are constructed on steel beams and transported into sections to the site, then assembled there.

3.    Mobile homes

A mobile home is also a prefabricated structure. It is built in a factory on a chassis which is attached permanently before being transported to location. As the name suggests, mobile homes are built on wheels that can be pulled by another vehicle. They make great temporary accommodation for people on vacation. These homes can be easily moved from one place to another.

4.    Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB)

PEB are the structures that are engineered at a factory and then assembled at the given location. They are usually built in sections and are fabricated at the factory for the same size, delivered to the site, assembled there with bolted connections. These are mainly steel structures designed usually to implement in warehouses, metro stations, and industrial buildings. These structures are economical and are easy to fabricate with the best suited raw materials from all sources. The manufacturing methods used can satisfy a wide range of structural and aesthetic design requirements of the building.

5.    Porta cabin

Porta cabin is short for the portable cabins that are designed to be movable rather than permanently fixed in one location. They are modern design, also known as modular building can be used for a period of time when required and taken away later. Usually manufactured in the factory, these structures are self-contained and stand-alone buildings. They are made in one piece and can be quickly installed in a day. These cabins are ideal for classrooms, offices, labs, stadium, shops and so on. Porta cabin can be customised at a decent price.

6.    Portable Office Container

This is the best choice for people looking to set up a temporary office. It offers convenient workspace to people at an affordable price. Also, potable offices are durable and comfort and comfortable.

Porta Cabins India offers prefab cabins to people looking for an affordable solution for constructing homes.

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